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          Portfolio Page for DaveFromGP

          โปรโมชั่น บาคาร่า ฟรีเครดิต

          This website has been created to aid in testing webpage construction as well as to showse some of the work I have done. The page is entirely coded by me. By that I mean I have not used Wordpress, Blogger or some other website building software or site. I use Microsoft Visual Studio Code and upload the files to the server via FTP. Some of the links are for testing and may not work. "Sample Pages" showses HTML coding I have written and links to live websites I have developed.

          About Me

          I am a self-taught programmer still learning the craft. My background is in electronics. I obtained a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I have spent approximately 20 years as an electronics technician repairing and maintaining electronic systems primarily for oilfield servicing. I have also worked on security systems and data acqusition. At SAIT I learned C Programming which gave me a good foundation in coding. I have also dabbled in BASIC, Java, Lego Mindstorms and Python.

          Technil interests include robotics, solar systems and cryptocurrency.